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運用威塑抽脂(VASER LIPO),將大腿脂肪的去除之外,也可以運用表淺抽脂的皮膚緊實效果,來減少術後皮膚鬆弛的狀況。
從2010年開始接受 體雕大師Alfredo Hoyos的指導以來,黃院長對於體型雕塑的完美追求,一向要求甚高甚至於外院抽脂術後的凹凸不平,都可以藉由院長的經驗以及威塑來改善。
與體雕界天王學習威塑VASER Hi-Def後獲頒學習完成證明


PS. 這個手術帽是當時在威塑訓練的時候的帽子(Dynamax) ,代表體雕除了抽脂之外,更重要的是維持動態的自然度。
Lipodystrophy of thigh is bothersome to most of the female. No matter bulging of lateral side or firm contact of medial side will have poor feel for people.
Use of VASER Lipo can help to remove fat and with superficial lipo, we can tightening the skin after surgery.
The detail I try to make over time reach a more sophisticated outcome, even previous uneven surface can be treated to have a better outcome.
The knowledge for anatomy makes our treatment less bleeding and remove more pure fat, and also , avoid unwanted complications.